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Company Profile

Lefkaritis Industries is the largest firm in Cyprus providing services and maintenance to the petroleum sector at the highest quality for many years. Their expertise has enabled them to expand their activities in the field of Renewable Energy Sources establishing the new Company PETROLINA SOLAR LTD in 2011. The increasing energy demands, the continuous increase of electricity prices as well as the environmental effects of the use of conventional energy sources provide incentives for the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources and particularly the utilization of solar energy using photovoltaic systems.

Petrolina Solar Ltd deals with Photovoltaic Systems applications in residential and industrial sectors, offering integrated solutions and technical support before and after each installation.

Our mission is to be pioneers in the field of Photovoltaic Systems and always to be in line with the developments of technology and the requirements of the era, constantly offering high quality, technologically advanced products and unique services.

Why choose us?

  • Competitive prices
  • Excellent staff expertise
  • Collaboration with the best and highly reliable companies
  • Continuous monitoring of our projects
  • Guarantee of our products

Our services:

  • Provision of integrated package services
  • Design and energy efficiency study for grid connected and stand alone photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic system installation and support after the completion of the project

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